Stripes and 3 Stars

Welcome to the Henley Campaign!
Dear Fellow Citizens,

On the evening of March 7th, a large crowd of supporters gathered to celebrate our victory in the primary election. The large gathering was diverse in age, race, religion, and political affiliation, yet all of us shared a common goal. We are all Americans who want our country to be safe and secure, prosperous and just. Our campaign for the United States House of Representatives presents the voters of Congressional District 7 with a clear choice. This choice is between a career educator and a career politician, a challenger who appeals to hope and seeks common ground, and an incumbent who appeals to fear and seeks division. This is a choice between a candidate who will fight for real ethics reform and rejects all special interest donations, and a congressman who pursues the favor of special interests and lobbyists. This is a race between a Texas teacher who seeks a new direction for America, and John Culberson, who embraces the status quo. Please join our campaign for a safe and secure, prosperous and just America.

Jim Henley Teacher for Congress

Henley for Congress Meet Up

The first Henley for Congress Meet Up at Jason's Deli near Lanier Middle School was a great success as new faces from across the political spectrum came to learn how to make this campaign their own. The next Meet Up is on May 27th for high school students and another is planned in early June for areas of District 7 in west Houston.

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